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Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

IDSS Global provides land development design and drafting, survey drafting, drafting and detailing, as-built drawings. We have currently partnered with a number of civil engineering firms across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to set up a team of engineers (a Studio or Back Office) dedicated to working for specific clients.


Land Development, Precast, Structure Design & Detailing

Transportation & Traffic Engg Services

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Outsource Civil Engineering: The Smart Choice for Cost & Quality

Need help with civil engineering for your project?

Numerous companies provide civil engineering services, however choosing the best is only the choice if one wants to outshine in the competition. Deteriorating quality to enhance quantity isn’t a solution. Companies need to maintain the balance of both. To assure project success you require the best cutting-edge technology, experience, cost-saving strategies, etc. We at IDSS Global adhere to governmental norms at each level. Prioritize effective communication channels, update information when required, streamline processes, and make sure the results are delivered on time.

With an experienced team, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies that deliver high-quality results within the estimated budget and timeline. Our ISO certifications are a testament that we adhere to stringent standards of quality and safety.

Civil 3D Expertise on Demand: Outsource Your Project & Focus on What Matters

Our 3D Civil services help in smooth project execution. This makes sure that your core team can focus on other technical complexities. Our end goal is to provide you with top-most professionalism, efficiency, and sustainability.
With years and consistent efforts, we’ve expanded in a variety of domains, by strengthening our technology support, skillset, etc. You need to look no further than us for your Civil outsourcing requirements for effective project planning and execution.

Streamline Projects, Save Costs: Top Civil Engineers at Your Fingertips

We provide you access to quality solutions at a profitable cost making you stay competitive in the market. It is feasible to get a competitive advantage without losing quality or innovation by assembling a specialized and dedicated team of professionals. Partner with us to revolutionize your approach to civil engineering today.

Civil Engineering Outsourcing Offered by IDSS Global

IDSS Global offers a wide range of design and drafting services for civil engineering projects across various industries. Here’s what we’ve to offer you:

Civil Engineering Skillsets at IDSS Global

Our civil engineering professionals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Here’s a glimpse of what they offer:

Outsource Civil Engineering Services to IDSS Global

If you have thought of offloading your civil engineering projects, our back-office support team in India can be your trusted outsourcing partner. Many companies globally have put their faith in IDSS Global experience and continue to do so because when they outsource to us, they experience success!

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Mrs. Shila Patil
Mrs. Shila is the founder & President of IDSS Global Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India. As the founder and president of a company, she holds a significant and influential position within the organization. She encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including strategic leadership, overall management, and representing the company's interests. She defines the company's vision, mission, and long-term strategic goals. Develops a roadmap for growth and success, and setting the overall direction for the organization. Establishing a strong company culture that aligns with her values and fosters an environment of collaboration, innovation, and high performance. She is a leading example and inspiring employees to achieve their best. She is extremely good at developing and nurturing the company's brand identity, positioning, and reputation.
President & CEO
MR.Devdatta Mokashi
Devdatta has over 15 years’ experience in the civil engineering design field. He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Shivaji University , and a Master of Technology from Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune, with a specialization in Hydraulics and water resources Engineering . In addition to that Devdatta has excuated many challenging civil projects and he had experience in handling various research projects. He has 10 international publications and 2 patents in his credits. His area of interest is research and development.
Technical Advisor
MR.Ujjwal Deshpande
Ujjwal is a science graduate with India international multiversity (IIMV) diploma in Information Technology. Multiversity was formed of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar (First Supercomputer developer). Ujjwal also has 20+ years of experience in technology and administration. He has worked on various technologies stacks and verticles. Ujjwals core competencies are in Project Implementation in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (earlier called as Hyperion). He is working on this track since 2006 and has delivered many projects of Infrastructure, Development, Migration, Support, Staffing and Training for clients in US, the Middle East and India. He is an excellent Project Account Manager specialist in critical project situations. Client Communication, Pre-Sales and Project Delivery Management is his core competencies.
Director - IT Services
Mr. Dinesh Salunke
Mr. Dinesh has 10+ years’ experience in designing and management. He is very keen at managing project teams, planning and executing project activities, and delivering results that align with the company's strategic objectives. He has performed in extreme work pressures and also carries good amount of credentials in terms of training young Civil engineers on Land development, Survey, Structural design, Timber design projects for US and Canada clients. He is extremely good at Building and lead a project team consisting of individuals from various departments or disciplines. Assign responsibilities, provide guidance, and motivate team members to ensure effective collaboration and high-quality output. Foster a positive team environment and promote communication and knowledge sharing.
Project Manager
Mr. Sachin Patil
Mr Sachin Patil is the Director and Co-Founder of IDSS Global Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India. He is seen as visionaries who conceives the company's overarching vision and long-term goals. As a directors and co-founder, he demonstrates strong leadership skills, guiding the company towards success. He inspires and motivates employees, fostering a positive work environment. He exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit, driving innovation and taking calculated risks to propel the company forward. Embraces new ideas and technologies, seeking creative solutions to challenges. He often serves as mentors and advisors to the company's employees, providing guidance, support, and knowledge transfer. He fosters a learning culture and empower their team members to reach their full potential.
Director and Co-Founder